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20- 22 January 2016


It was time to say goodbye to El Fuerte, This beautiful 500 year old town that created me on my first day on the Mexico mainland. 

I didn’t have a huge agenda but just aim south and see what happens.

I ended up by a beautiful beach between Calican and Mazatlan. When I arrived there were two other couples already camped and had been for a couple of days. As I had arrived rather late in the day there wasn’t much to do (it's like Baja midnight again) so it's early to bed, saying that though, there is something rather calming laying in the tent listening to the waves hit the beach. The temperature was rather pleasant to sleep in not warm enough to open the sleeping bag fully and not cold enough that I really have to wrap up but just right that I can feel cozy.

The next day was rather relaxing after a wonderful night's sleep and waking early(ish) to the warm sun and sea breeze.

Today felt good until I realised I forgot to pick up milk for morning coffee….. Ohh sad times! ohh well juice will have to do. 

One of the couples was leaving so with what felt like a very quick Hi and bye they were off.

With a stroll down to the water, apart from a few fishermen diving for crayfish in the surf I had the whole beach to myself! It's astonishing how this little gem was so quiet. 

A rumble started interacting it was approaching lunch time, the other coulee who had decided to stay another night had invited me to join them at a place they had been the day before and cane highly recommended.

We walked to the small shack like place that was around a mile down the beach or up the beach as it was north.

Ohh my gosh…. shrimp and octopus, everything about this dish shouted freshness. Is was more than good and so much too. 

After eating so much the walk back was much needed to help everything settle. Even picked up a few sea shells on the walk back.

With a rather relaxing and un eventful afternoon it was a beautiful clear and perfect sunset. 

Once again it is baja midnight and time to retire to the tent relatively early.

Morning comes around way to quickly. 

after packing up it was time to say good buy and head south…. Not all that far mind, just to Mazatlan around an hour and a half away.

Arriving in Mazatlan was humm I don’t know…… After being in a place where I had a whole beach to my self and now driving towards a beach side city with hotels looming in the distance.

  I wasn’t aiming for one huge hotels but a small hostel. 

So lets see…… Mazatlan on first impressions……

Its a main tourist destination for people from all over the world. there is the obvious tourist feel but besides it all there looks like to be some great goings on in the old part of town. There are the old fish markets and restaurants. So now I just had to find a way of getting away from the main stream tourists.  



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