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16 January 2016
Ben has sent me hundreds of pictures to add to the site. It wll take a little while to sort them out. Please bear with me. Charles

Bahuichivo to Creel

The day started at 7am after a fantastic sleep, waking up to the canyon outside the window. 

The fire was already lit in the main room, so it was all nice and toasty for breaky! 

At 8:30 we took a tour to an overlook. The lookout looked down on the small mining town of Urique (a town I hope to get to with the Land Rover). 

All I could do is stare in awe and try to take it all in. 

Sadly we had to leave to return to the homeless in order to pick up our bags and make our way to the train station. 

We stopped of on the way to the station to be shown a fantastic cave. The cave is used for gatherings and I presume parties. The cave even came compleat with a bar! I wouldn't complain if this was in my back yard! 


The train arrived on time at 12:30 pm

Once again we wound our way through the canyon and over passes. 

The train stopped at Barrancas where there is a spectacular over look for around 20mins, we were let off the train to go to the canyon edge and get some food from the local venders. 

It wasn't long before we arrived in the small town of Creel. Hummm it's really NOT warm!!! Brrrr!!!

It's slightly later in the afternoon, we checked in to Hotel Margaritas, a rather quaint and colourful place. 

A walk round town was in order to get a feel for the place before it got dark! It was only around an hour or so. By the looks of things there isn't all that much going on in the town itself but there does seem to be countless tours and activities to the canyon. 

So after dinner and a night cap it's time to say good night! 

Lest see what tomorrow holds!  



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