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12 January 2016

Gooood morning! Coffee coffee coffee, Well first night on the mainland. Little bit of an odd place to sleep. An abandoned lot behind a Pemex fuel station. but found it thanks to the iOverlander app! Sun is coming up so that means IT'S COFFEE TIME!!!!


Waking up on my first morning on the Mexican mainland, full of excitement, I was awake and out of bed just in time to see the sun rise into the beautiful clear blue sky. I had stopped in a abandoned lot behind a Pemex fuel station around 7 miles from Topolobampo thanks to the iOverlander app.

Coffee and breakfast was in order

I feel like I left first nights camp with a little skip in my step excited for the coming adventures. First agenda was fuel…. and three miles down the road had that taken care of. I had no real desire to stop in Los Mochis so nearly an hour and wiggling my way through the city streets I was on the road towards El Fuerte and bound for the Copper Canyon.

I had heard good things about El Fuerte and a message from Overland journals Scott Brady confirmed this would be my first stop.

The drive out was beautiful, so green and full of agriculture and the mountains looming in the distance as I bumbled towards them.


Well I had covered all of around 73 miles when I drove underneath the archway to the town.

A beautiful 400 year old town, as I drive through the streets looking for a place to park the urge to explore it was growing.

well after stopping i noticed a slight leak from the fuel pick up… ahhh damn it… Well I thought I would go and find a camp spot close to town and maybe they might know of a place I could drain the fuel as i hadn’t done many miles and the tank was still full.

Good old iOverlander app strikes again pointing me in the direction of Hotel Bugambilias, A hotel that is really overland friendly. The hotel comes with friendly staff, happy to let you camp in a tent of your vehicle, will give you access to a room to use the shower and toilet. I met Maitee who is the daughter of the owners and also an english teacher at the local primary school. She was kind enough to help me find a place to store the fuel so the fuel pick up.

Afterwards hunger was starting to knock on my stomach door. As Maitee hadn't eaten either she was kind enough to be my guide and took me to her friends little sushi place that was ohh my gosh good. we decided to walk off the food and go up to the towns forte. being a teacher and having taken her class to the forte a few times Maitre made a great guide. She explained that everything on display had been donated by the people of the town ( no replicas here, everything was the genuine thing) to give i real sense of the history and different influences of culture.



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