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Bad Kissingen - Prague 28 April 2011

268 Miles
8 Hours 26 mins

As we gathered for breakfast, we decided to get some faster miles under our belt. So after breakfast we said goodbye to Bad Kissingen and headed East on the Autobahn dealing with 130mph traffic. We did a quick fuel stop not far from the motorway that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. So after throwing another tank full in and a quick ice-cream we headed back onto the motorway but not for long though, after an hour or so we turned off and once again the roads became smaller and before we knew it we were crossing the border into the Czech Republic. Almost intsnatly we knew we were no longer in western Europe and had a distinct feeling of being in the East, these feelings grew as we headed across country passing through some of the most rural scenery that we had seen, almost like stepping back in time. Driving through all the back lanes enabled us to see the Czech rarely seen by others. As\ we approached Prague, quick as a flash we were in a busy modern city. We bumbled along in the city traffic to our hotel or Botel as it is called being a barge, with parking under the bridge for the Landy. Once parked we were able to drop our things and take a breath at this most beautiful and romantic city.
That evening we had dinner in a delightful little fish restaurant but very pleased the food was better than the service, if it had taken much longer, evolution would have given the fish legs and served themselves! After we headed back to the hotel and spent the evening drinking cappucinos, whiskies, rums and Baileys, talking and putting the world to rights…..
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